Monday, August 10, 2009

A brief intro

Welcome to my blog. I'm a hands-on intuitive healer and want to give you some basic background on how I came to healing.
Several years ago I was in acute back pain and received my first energy treatment. Not only did I experience pain reduction and relaxation but I told the practitioner that it felt like I was swimming in a vast ocean of color. She replied that I would probably make a good energy worker.
I had studied qi gong in the past and didn't associate it with what I experienced on the table.
I pursued classes in Reiki and Quantum Touch which added to my healing "toolbox" but they weren't quite what I was seeking.
Finally I was introduced to a woman who became my healer, teacher and friend, Sharon Leflore.
After several months of receiving healing from Sharon I went on to study healing with her. I've volunteered my services at Pathways for almost three years and am now setting up a private practice.

Until next time, don't forget to breathe.