Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Experience of Being In Your Body

A client came to me for healing and didn't tell me anything about her illness/challenge. As I worked on her I sensed absolutely no energy moving in her body. I work with my eyes closed and follow intuitively where I need to place my hands. I see various colors which are my personal symbols for healing. I've worked on people who are so ill that they have told me that they were in the ER the day before and almost died. Even these people have a life force moving through them that can be detected. This woman was blank. The only thing I saw as I worked on her was black static, like a tv tuned to the wrong setting.
At first I blamed myself thinking I was doing something wrong and then it stuck me-this person does not want to be in her body! When the session ended I shared my observation with her and she agreed with me. Again, she wouldn't tell me what was going on, but I think she was newly diagnosed with a disease and couldn't deal with it.

This led me to remember a phrase that a friend had shared with me. If you can't pick it up You can't put it down.
When we are fearful as was this client, and we try to push away whatever bad thing we don't want inside of us, we will never be able to get rid of it. We must learn exactly what it feels like in order to work on getting rid of it. How can you know it's gone of you don't know what it felt like to begin with?